Commit d1475aa1 authored by Jim Blandy's avatar Jim Blandy
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*** empty log message ***

parent a12ff9f3
......@@ -24,11 +24,11 @@
;;; Code:
(defvar blink-paren-overlay nil)
(defvar show-paren-overlay nil)
;; Find the place to blink, if there is one,
;; and blink it until input arrives.
(defun blink-paren-command-hook ()
;; Find the place to show, if there is one,
;; and show it until input arrives.
(defun show-paren-command-hook ()
(let (pos dir mismatch (oldpos (point))
(face (if (face-equal 'highlight 'region)
'underline 'highlight)))
......@@ -59,27 +59,28 @@
(char-after beg))
;; If they don't properly match, don't blink.
;; If they don't properly match, don't show.
(if mismatch
(setq pos nil))))
(cond (pos
(if blink-paren-overlay
(move-overlay blink-paren-overlay (- pos dir) pos)
(setq blink-paren-overlay
(if show-paren-overlay
(move-overlay show-paren-overlay (- pos dir) pos)
(setq show-paren-overlay
(make-overlay (- pos dir) pos)))
(overlay-put blink-paren-overlay 'face face)
(overlay-put show-paren-overlay 'face face)
;;; This is code to blink the highlighting.
;;; It is desirable to avoid this because
;;; it would interfere with auto-save and gc when idle.
;;; (while (sit-for 1)
;;; (overlay-put blink-paren-overlay
;;; (overlay-put show-paren-overlay
;;; 'face
;;; (if (overlay-get blink-paren-overlay
;;; (if (overlay-get show-paren-overlay
;;; 'face)
;;; nil face)))
(delete-overlay blink-paren-overlay)))))
(and show-paren-overlay (overlay-buffer show-paren-overlay)
(delete-overlay show-paren-overlay))))))
(add-hook 'post-command-hook 'blink-paren-command-hook)
(add-hook 'post-command-hook 'show-paren-command-hook)
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