Commit d151eec5 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii
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(${TIT}, clean): Use {TIT:.elc=.el} instead of shell `command` expansion.

parent bf957d2d
......@@ -150,9 +150,8 @@ ${TIT}:
if [ -d quail ]; then true; else make quail; fi
${RUN-EMACS} -l ${buildlisppath}/international/titdic-cnv \
--eval '(batch-titdic-convert t)' -dir quail ${srcdir}/CXTERM-DIC
EL=`echo ${TIT} | sed 's/\.elc/\.el/g'`; \
${RUN-EMACS} -l ${buildlisppath}/international/quail \
-f batch-byte-compile $$EL
-f batch-byte-compile ${TIT:.elc=.el}
leim-list.el: ${SUBDIRS} ${WORLD}
if [ x`(cd ${srcdir} && /bin/pwd)` = x`(/bin/pwd)` ] ; then \
......@@ -182,8 +181,7 @@ install: all
-chmod -R a+r ${INSTALLDIR}
clean mostlyclean:
EL=`echo ${TIT} | sed 's/\.elc/.el/g'`; \
rm -f ${TIT} ${NON-TIT} ${WORLD} $$EL leim-list.el
rm -f ${TIT} ${NON-TIT} ${WORLD} ${TIT:.elc=.el} leim-list.el
distclean maintainer-clean:
if test -f stamp-subdir; then rm -rf ${SUBDIRS} stamp-subdir; fi
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