Commit d154c079 authored by Paul Eggert's avatar Paul Eggert
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Merge: * charset.c: conform to C89 pointer rules

parents 51aba3f3 dfb6afda
2011-02-05 Paul Eggert <>
* charset.c: conform to C89 pointer rules
(define_charset_internal): Switch between char * and unsigned char *.
* xmenu.c: conform to C89 const rules
(xmenu_show, xdialog_show): Declare local var as char *, not
const char *, to stay compatible with C89 const rules.
......@@ -1253,12 +1253,13 @@ usage: (define-charset-internal ...) */)
static int
define_charset_internal (Lisp_Object name,
int dimension,
const unsigned char *code_space,
const char *code_space_chars,
unsigned min_code, unsigned max_code,
int iso_final, int iso_revision, int emacs_mule_id,
int ascii_compatible, int supplementary,
int code_offset)
const unsigned char *code_space = (const unsigned char *) code_space_chars;
Lisp_Object args[charset_arg_max];
Lisp_Object plist[14];
Lisp_Object val;
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