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Provide exact information about customizing Alt-Shift on Windows XP.

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......@@ -2216,7 +2216,11 @@ This combination of keys is a command to change keyboard layout. If
you proceed to type another non-modifier key before you let go of Alt
and Shift, the Alt and Shift act as modifiers in the usual way. A
more permanent work around is to change it to another key combination,
or disable it in the keyboard control panel.
or disable it in the "Regional and Language Options" applet of the
Control Panel. (The exact sequence of mouse clicks in the "Regional
and Language Options" applet needed to find the key combination that
changes the keyboard layout depends on your Windows version; for XP,
in the Languages tab, click "Details" and then "Key Settings".)
** Cygwin build of Emacs hangs after rebasing Cygwin DLLs
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