Commit d1890a3a authored by Vasilij Schneidermann's avatar Vasilij Schneidermann Committed by Eli Zaretskii

New user option 'debugger-stack-frame-as-list'

* src/eval.c (syms_of_eval) <debugger-stack-frame-as-list>: New
* lisp/cus-start.el (standard): Add debugger-stack-frame-as-list.
* lisp/emacs-lisp/debug.el (debugger-setup-buffer): Adjust
backtrace processing for the value of debugger-stack-frame-as-list.
* lisp/emacs-lisp/edebug.el (edebug-backtrace): Adjust backtrace
processing for the value of debugger-stack-frame-as-list.
* doc/lispref/debugging.texi (Internals of Debugger): Document
* etc/NEWS: Mention 'debugger-stack-frame-as-list'.
parent 97f35401
......@@ -623,6 +623,37 @@ forms are elided.
@end smallexample
@end deffn
@defvar debugger-stack-frame-as-list
If this variable is non-@code{nil}, every stack frame of the backtrace
is displayed as a list. This aims at improving the backtrace
readability at the cost of special forms no longer being visually
different from regular function calls.
With @code{debugger-stack-frame-as-list} non-@code{nil}, the above
example would look as follows:
----------- Buffer: backtrace-output ------------
(list ...computing arguments...)
@end group
(progn ...)
(eval (progn (1+ var) (list (quote testing) (backtrace))))
(setq ...)
(save-excursion ...)
(let ...)
(with-output-to-temp-buffer ...)
(eval (with-output-to-temp-buffer ...))
(eval-last-sexp-1 nil)
(eval-last-sexp nil)
(call-interactively eval-last-sexp)
----------- Buffer: backtrace-output ------------
@end group
@end smallexample
@end defvar
@defvar debug-on-next-call
@cindex @code{eval}, and debugging
@cindex @code{apply}, and debugging
......@@ -205,6 +205,11 @@ questions, with a handy way to display help texts.
** 'switch-to-buffer-preserve-window-point' now defaults to t.
** The new variable 'debugger-stack-frame-as-list' allows displaying
all call stack frames in a Lisp backtrace buffer as lists. Both
debug.el and edebug.el have been updated to heed to this variable.
* Editing Changes in Emacs 25.3
......@@ -246,6 +246,7 @@ Leaving \"Default\" unchecked is equivalent with specifying a default of
(debug-ignored-errors debug (repeat (choice symbol regexp)))
(debug-on-quit debug boolean)
(debug-on-signal debug boolean)
(debugger-stack-frame-as-list debugger boolean)
;; fileio.c
(delete-by-moving-to-trash auto-save boolean "23.1")
(auto-save-visited-file-name auto-save boolean)
......@@ -279,7 +279,9 @@ That buffer should be current already."
(goto-char (point-min))
(delete-region (point)
(search-forward "\n debug(")
(search-forward (if debugger-stack-frame-as-list
"\n (debug "
"\n debug("))
(forward-line (if (eq (car args) 'debug)
;; Remove debug--implement-debug-on-entry
;; and the advice's `apply' frame.
......@@ -3798,7 +3798,9 @@ Otherwise call `debug' normally."
(forward-line 1)
(delete-region last-ok-point (point)))
((looking-at "^ edebug")
((looking-at (if debugger-stack-frame-as-list
"^ (edebug"
"^ edebug"))
(forward-line 1)
(delete-region last-ok-point (point))
......@@ -3421,13 +3421,17 @@ Output stream used is value of `standard-output'. */)
tem = backtrace_function (pdl);
if (debugger_stack_frame_as_list)
write_string ("(");
Fprin1 (tem, Qnil); /* This can QUIT. */
write_string ("(");
if (!debugger_stack_frame_as_list)
write_string ("(");
ptrdiff_t i;
for (i = 0; i < backtrace_nargs (pdl); i++)
if (i) write_string (" ");
if (i || debugger_stack_frame_as_list)
write_string(" ");
Fprin1 (backtrace_args (pdl)[i], Qnil);
......@@ -3850,6 +3854,10 @@ This is nil when the debugger is called under circumstances where it
might not be safe to continue. */);
debugger_may_continue = 1;
DEFVAR_BOOL ("debugger-stack-frame-as-list", debugger_stack_frame_as_list,
doc: /* Non-nil means display call stack frames as lists. */);
debugger_stack_frame_as_list = 0;
DEFVAR_LISP ("debugger", Vdebugger,
doc: /* Function to call to invoke debugger.
If due to frame exit, args are `exit' and the value being returned;
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