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Document new System colors on MS-Windows

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......@@ -1041,6 +1041,16 @@ The new variable `w32-pass-extra-mouse-buttons-to-system' controls
whether Emacs should handle the extra buttons itself (the default), or
pass them to Windows to be handled with system-wide functions.
** Emacs takes note of colors defined in Control Panel on MS-Windows.
The Control Panel defines some default colors for applications in
much the same way as wildcard X Resources do on X. Emacs now
adds these colors to the colormap prefixed by System (eg SystemMenu
for the default Menu background, SystemMenuText for the foreground),
and uses some of them to initialize some of the default faces.
`list-colors-display' will show the list of System color names if you
wish to use them in other faces.
** Under X11, it is possible to swap Alt and Meta (and Super and Hyper).
The new variables `x-alt-keysym', `x-hyper-keysym', `x-meta-keysym',
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