Commit d1a607bc authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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(vc-delistify): Use mapconcat.

(vc-do-command): Minor simplification.
(vc-expand-dirs): Use push.
parent 0792fdb4
2007-07-20 Stefan Monnier <>
* vc.el (vc-delistify): Use mapconcat.
(vc-do-command): Minor simplification.
(vc-expand-dirs): Use push.
* vc-mcvs.el (vc-mcvs-create-repo):
* vc-cvs.el (vc-cvs-create-repo): Remove.
......@@ -998,9 +998,7 @@ and is passed 3 arguments: the COMMAND, the FILE and the FLAGS.")
(defun vc-delistify (filelist)
"Smash a FILELIST into a file list string suitable for info messages."
(cond ((not filelist) ".")
((= (length filelist) 1) (car filelist))
(t (concat (car filelist) " " (vc-delistify (cdr filelist))))))
(if (not filelist) "." (mapconcat 'identity filelist " ")))
(defvar w32-quote-process-args)
......@@ -1020,10 +1018,8 @@ that is inserted into the command line before the filename."
;; it doesn't look at the actual file-system to see if symlinks
;; come into play.
(let* ((files
(mapcar 'file-relative-name
(cond ((not file-or-list) '())
((listp file-or-list) (mapcar 'expand-file-name file-or-list))
(t (list (expand-file-name file-or-list))))))
(mapcar (lambda (f) (file-relative-name (expand-file-name f)))
(if (listp file-or-list) file-or-list (list file-or-list))))
(concat command " " (vc-delistify flags) " " (vc-delistify files))))
(if vc-command-messages
......@@ -1555,9 +1551,11 @@ The default implementation returns t for all files."
(defun vc-expand-dirs (file-or-dir-list)
"Expands directories in a file list specification.
Only files already under version control are noticed."
;; FIXME: Kill this function.
(let ((flattened '()))
(dolist (node file-or-dir-list)
(vc-file-tree-walk node (lambda (f) (if (vc-backend f) (setq flattened (cons f flattened))))))
node (lambda (f) (if (vc-backend f) (push f flattened)))))
(nreverse flattened)))
(defun vc-resynch-window (file &optional keep noquery)
......@@ -3492,6 +3490,7 @@ The annotations are relative to the current time, unless overridden by OFFSET."
(defun vc-file-tree-walk (dirname func &rest args)
"Walk recursively through DIRNAME.
Invoke FUNC f ARGS on each VC-managed file f underneath it."
;; FIXME: Kill this function.
(vc-file-tree-walk-internal (expand-file-name dirname) func args)
(message "Traversing directory %s...done" dirname))
......@@ -3507,7 +3506,7 @@ Invoke FUNC f ARGS on each VC-managed file f underneath it."
(member f vc-directory-exclusion-list)
(let ((dirf (expand-file-name f dir)))
(file-symlink-p dirf);; Avoid possible loops
(file-symlink-p dirf) ;; Avoid possible loops.
(vc-file-tree-walk-internal dirf func args)))))
(directory-files dir)))))
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