Commit d1c89300 authored by Colin Walters's avatar Colin Walters
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(font-lock-symbol-category-alist): New variable.

parent d76014d9
......@@ -144,6 +144,15 @@ wish to have fontification turned on and off by Font Lock. If this
variable is non-nil, then calling `font-lock-mode' will simply toggle
the symbol property `face' of CATEGORY-SYMBOL.")
(defvar font-lock-symbol-category-alist nil
"An alist of (SYMBOL . CATEGORY-SYMBOL) to help maintain categories.
This variable is not directly used by font-lock; instead it is
intended to be used by modes which use `font-lock-category-alist'.
Normally, you want category symbols to be uninterned, so that their
properties can be local to a buffer. This variable helps you maintain
a mapping between normal category names (i.e. interned symbols) and
their local uninterned versions.")
(defvar font-lock-function 'font-lock-default-function
"A function which is called when `font-lock-mode' is toggled.
It will be passed one argument, which is the current value of
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