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checklist custom type.

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......@@ -734,6 +734,23 @@ The value must be a list and each element of the list must fit the type
@var{element-type}. This appears in the customization buffer as a
list of elements, with @samp{[INS]} and @samp{[DEL]} buttons for adding
more elements or removing elements.
@item (checklist @var{type} @dots{})
The @var{type} arguments represent each checklist item. The value will
be a list containing the values of all checked @var{type} arguments.
The checklist will match a list whose elements all match at least one of
the specified @var{type} arguments.
Usually a checklist will only match if the items are in the exact
sequence given in the specification. If you supply the additional
arguments @code{:greedy t}, it will allow the items to come in any
sequence. However, if you extract the value they will be in the
sequence given in the checklist, i.e.@: the original sequence is
Using this type with @code{:greedy} is useful for specifying association
or property lists with keys from a fixed set and properly-typed
@end table
@node Splicing into Lists
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