Commit d1fb5e6c authored by NicolasPetton's avatar NicolasPetton

* lisp/arc-mode.el (archive-rar-summarize): Better alignment of the columns.

parent 25979c8e
......@@ -2064,10 +2064,10 @@ This doesn't recover lost files, it just undoes changes in the buffer itself."
(setq files (nreverse files))
(goto-char (point-min))
(let* ((format (format " %%s %%s %%%ds %%5s %%s" maxsize))
(sep (format format "--------" "-----" (make-string maxsize ?-)
(sep (format format "----------" "-----" (make-string maxsize ?-)
"-----" ""))
(column (length sep)))
(insert (format format " Date " "Time " "Size " "Ratio" " Filename") "\n")
(insert (format format " Date " "Time " "Size" "Ratio" "Filename") "\n")
(insert sep (make-string maxname ?-) "\n")
(archive-summarize-files (mapcar (lambda (desc)
(let ((text
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