Commit d20d69c0 authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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* lisp/repeat.el (repeat): Set real-this-command.

Fixes: debbugs:12232
parent 7108f8e3
2012-10-23 Stefan Monnier <>
* repeat.el (repeat): Set real-this-command (bug#12232).
* htmlfontify.el (hfy-post-html-hook):
* filesets.el (filesets-cache-fill-content-hook):
* arc-mode.el (archive-extract-hook):
......@@ -289,6 +289,10 @@ recently executed command not bound to an input event\"."
(let ((repeat-message-function fun))
(setq this-command 'repeat)
;; Beware: messing with `real-this-command' is *bad*, but we
;; need it so `last-repeatable-command' can be recognized
;; later (bug#12232).
(setq real-this-command 'repeat)
(call-interactively 'repeat))))))
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