Commit d223727a authored by Devon Sean McCullough's avatar Devon Sean McCullough Committed by Eli Zaretskii
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Fix UI of Buffer-menu

* lisp/buff-menu.el (Buffer-menu-execute): Don't remove
entries of buffers whose killing the user didn't confirm.
parent 0f716557
Pipeline #515 passed with stage
in 27 minutes and 11 seconds
......@@ -475,10 +475,10 @@ Buffers marked with \\<Buffer-menu-mode-map>`\\[Buffer-menu-delete]' are deleted
(tabulated-list-set-col 2 " " t))
(error (warn "Error saving %s" buffer))))
(if delete
(unless (eq buffer (current-buffer))
(kill-buffer buffer)
(if (and delete
(not (eq buffer (current-buffer)))
(kill-buffer buffer))
(forward-line 1)))))))))
(defun Buffer-menu-select ()
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