Commit d2255c60 authored by Paul Eggert's avatar Paul Eggert

Fix $(MAKE) -C for out-of-tree bootstraps

Problem reported by Andy Moreton in:
* src/ (${charsets}, $(lispsource)/loaddefs.el):
Revert incorrect changes to $(MAKE) -C invocations when the
target is in the source tree not the build tree.
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......@@ -533,7 +533,7 @@ ${lispintdir}/cp51932.el ${lispintdir}/eucjp-ms.el: FORCE
charsets = ${top_srcdir}/admin/charsets/charsets.stamp
${charsets}: FORCE
$(MAKE) -C $(dir $@) all
$(MAKE) -C ../admin/charsets all
charscript = ${lispintdir}/charscript.el
${charscript}: FORCE
......@@ -765,7 +765,7 @@ VCSWITNESS =
$(lispsource)/loaddefs.el: $(VCSWITNESS) | \
bootstrap-emacs$(EXEEXT) $(bootstrap_pdmp)
$(MAKE) -C $(dir $@) autoloads EMACS="$(bootstrap_exe)"
$(MAKE) -C ../lisp autoloads EMACS="$(bootstrap_exe)"
## Dump an Emacs executable named bootstrap-emacs containing the
## files from loadup.el in source form.
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