Commit d236329b authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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* lisp/mail/emacsbug.el (report-emacs-bug): No longer include recent-keys

Fixes: debbugs:18900
parent bd673cc5
2014-11-04 Glenn Morris <>
* mail/emacsbug.el (report-emacs-bug): No longer include
recent-keys in the report. (Bug#18900)
2014-11-03 Michael Albinus <>
* net/tramp-sh.el (tramp-do-copy-or-rename-file-via-buffer): Use a
......@@ -143,11 +143,12 @@ This requires either the OS X \"open\" command, or the freedesktop
(error "Subject, To or body not found")))))
(defun report-emacs-bug (topic &optional recent-keys)
(defun report-emacs-bug (topic &optional unused)
"Report a bug in GNU Emacs.
Prompts for bug subject. Leaves you in a mail buffer."
;; This strange form ensures that (recent-keys) is the value before
;; the bug subject string is read.
(declare (advertised-calling-convention (topic) "24.5"))
(interactive (reverse (list (recent-keys) (read-string "Bug Subject: "))))
;; The syntax `version;' is preferred to `[version]' because the
;; latter could be mistakenly stripped by mailing software.
......@@ -276,23 +277,6 @@ usually do not have translators for other languages.\n\n")))
(and (boundp mode) (buffer-local-value mode from-buffer)
(insert (format " %s: %s\n" mode
(buffer-local-value mode from-buffer)))))
(insert "\n")
(insert "Recent input:\n")
(let ((before-keys (point)))
(insert (mapconcat (lambda (key)
(if (or (integerp key)
(symbolp key)
(listp key))
(single-key-description key)
(prin1-to-string key nil)))
(or recent-keys (recent-keys))
" "))
(narrow-to-region before-keys (point))
(goto-char before-keys)
(while (progn (move-to-column 50) (not (eobp)))
(search-forward " " nil t)
(insert "\n"))))
(let ((message-buf (get-buffer "*Messages*")))
(if message-buf
(let (beg-pos
......@@ -301,7 +285,7 @@ usually do not have translators for other languages.\n\n")))
(goto-char end-pos)
(forward-line -10)
(setq beg-pos (point)))
(insert "\n\nRecent messages:\n")
(insert "\nRecent messages:\n")
(insert-buffer-substring message-buf beg-pos end-pos))))
;; After Recent messages, to avoid the messages produced by
;; list-load-path-shadows.
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