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2011-12-28 Paul Eggert <>
* files.texi (File Attributes, Changing Files):
Use a more-natural notation for octal numbers.
2011-12-23 Juanma Barranquero <>
* variables.texi (Variables with Restricted Values):
......@@ -1115,15 +1115,10 @@ This function recursively follows symbolic links at all levels.
@end group
(set-file-modes "~/junk/diffs" 438)
(set-file-modes "~/junk/diffs" #o666)
@result{} nil
@end group
(format "%o" 438)
@result{} "666" ; @r{Convert to octal.}
@end group
% ls -l diffs
-rw-rw-rw- 1 lewis 0 3063 Oct 30 16:00 diffs
......@@ -1570,10 +1565,10 @@ the bitwise complement of the ``umask'' value.
The argument @var{mode} must be an integer. On most systems, only the
low 9 bits of @var{mode} are meaningful. You can use the Lisp construct
for octal character codes to enter @var{mode}; for example,
for octal numbers to enter @var{mode}; for example,
(set-default-file-modes ?\644)
(set-default-file-modes #o644)
@end example
Saving a modified version of an existing file does not count as creating
2011-12-28 Paul Eggert <>
* gnus.texi (Mail Source Customization, Mail Back End Variables):
Use octal notation for file permissions, which are normally
thought of in octal.
(Mail Back End Variables): Use more-plausible modes in example.
2011-12-20 Alan Mackenzie <>
* cc-mode.texi: Update version string 5.31 -> 5.32.
......@@ -15033,7 +15033,7 @@ number.
@item mail-source-default-file-modes
@vindex mail-source-default-file-modes
All new mail files will get this file mode. The default is 384.
All new mail files will get this file mode. The default is @code{#o600}.
@item mail-source-movemail-program
@vindex mail-source-movemail-program
......@@ -15123,10 +15123,10 @@ default file modes the new mail files get:
(add-hook 'nnmail-pre-get-new-mail-hook
(lambda () (set-default-file-modes 511)))
(lambda () (set-default-file-modes #o700)))
(add-hook 'nnmail-post-get-new-mail-hook
(lambda () (set-default-file-modes 551)))
(lambda () (set-default-file-modes #o775)))
@end lisp
@item nnmail-use-long-file-names
2011-12-28 Chong Yidong <>
* progmodes/gdb-mi.el (gdb-get-source-file-list)
(gdb-get-source-file): Move mode line update to
gdb-get-source-file (Bug#10087).
2011-12-25 Chong Yidong <>
* progmodes/gud.el (gud-gdb-fetch-lines-filter): Just use
......@@ -3787,9 +3787,7 @@ is set in them."
(dolist (buffer (buffer-list))
(with-current-buffer buffer
(when (member buffer-file-name gdb-source-file-list)
(propertize "ready" 'face font-lock-variable-name-face)))
(defun gdb-get-main-selected-frame ()
"Trigger for `gdb-frame-handler' which uses main current
......@@ -4128,7 +4126,9 @@ buffers, if required."
(gdb-get-buffer-create 'gdb-breakpoints-buffer)
(if (and gdb-show-main gdb-main-file)
(let ((pop-up-windows t))
(display-buffer (gud-find-file gdb-main-file))))))
(display-buffer (gud-find-file gdb-main-file)))))
(propertize "ready" 'face font-lock-variable-name-face)))
;;from put-image
(defun gdb-put-string (putstring pos &optional dprop &rest sprops)
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