Commit d240f431 authored by Juri Linkov's avatar Juri Linkov
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(isearch-search-string): After finding the next

occurrence switch to buffer isearch-buffers-current-buffer when
isearch-buffers-next-buffer-function is non-nil and
isearch-buffers-current-buffer is live.
parent ed779c49
......@@ -2035,8 +2035,13 @@ Can be changed via `isearch-search-fun-function' for special needs."
(if isearch-forward (< pos2 pos1) (> pos2 pos1))))
(setq pos1 pos2)
(set-match-data match-data)))))
(if pos1
(goto-char pos1))
(when pos1
;; When using multiple buffers isearch, switch to the new buffer here,
;; because `save-excursion' above doesn't allow doing it inside funcall.
(if (and isearch-buffers-next-buffer-function
(buffer-live-p isearch-buffers-current-buffer))
(switch-to-buffer isearch-buffers-current-buffer))
(goto-char pos1))
(defun isearch-search ()
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