Commit d25b54b3 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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Check for a suitably recent makeinfo.

parent 5f5ba825
2007-08-24 Glenn Morris <>
* Check for a suitably recent makeinfo.
2007-08-23 Johannes Weiner <> (tiny change)
* (Check for required libraries): Typo.
......@@ -1343,6 +1343,21 @@ AC_PATH_PROG(INSTALL_INFO, install-info,:, /sbin)
dnl Don't use GZIP, which is used by gzip for additional parameters.
## Need makeinfo >= 4.8 (?) to build the manuals.
AC_PATH_PROG(MAKEINFO, makeinfo, no)
dnl By this stage, configure has already checked for egrep and set EGREP,
dnl or exited with an error if no egrep was found.
if test "$MAKEINFO" != "no" && \
test x"`$MAKEINFO --version 2> /dev/null | $EGREP 'texinfo[[^0-9]]*([[5-9]]|4\.[[8-9]])'`" = x; then
if test "$MAKEINFO" = "no"; then
AC_MSG_ERROR( [makeinfo >= 4.8 is required] )
dnl Add our options to ac_link now, after it is set up.
if test x$GCC = xyes && test "x$GCC_LINK_TEST_OPTIONS" != x
2007-08-24 Glenn Morris <>
* files.el (backup-buffer-copy): Revert 2007-08-22 change.
* startup.el (tutorial-directory): Set with eval-at-startup so it
gets the right value in an installed Emacs.
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