Commit d25ceb52 authored by Lars Ingebrigtsen's avatar Lars Ingebrigtsen Committed by Katsumi Yamaoka
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gnus.el: More fixes to not list ephemeral servers in the server buffer

parent d3d42ed7
2012-02-09 Lars Ingebrigtsen <>
* gnus.el (gnus-server-extend-method): Don't add an -address component
if the method already has one (bug#9676).
2012-02-08 Lars Ingebrigtsen <>
* gnus-sum.el (gnus-summary-insert-old-articles): Use a default instead
......@@ -4123,12 +4123,17 @@ parameters."
(if (or (not (inline (gnus-similar-server-opened method)))
(not (cddr method)))
(setq method
`(,(car method) ,(concat (cadr method) "+" group)
(,(intern (format "%s-address" (car method))) ,(cadr method))
,@(cddr method)))
(push method gnus-extended-servers)
(let ((address-slot
(intern (format "%s-address" (car method)))))
(setq method
(if (assq address-slot (cddr method))
`(,(car method) ,(concat (cadr method) "+" group)
,@(cddr method))
`(,(car method) ,(concat (cadr method) "+" group)
(,address-slot ,(cadr method))
,@(cddr method))))
(push method gnus-extended-servers)
(defun gnus-server-status (method)
"Return the status of METHOD."
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