Commit d2612290 authored by Michael Albinus's avatar Michael Albinus
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* automated/tramp-tests.el (tramp--test-smb-or-windows-nt-p):

New defun.
(tramp-test30-special-characters): Use it.
(tramp--test-check-files): Filter nil file names out.
parent 9278f058
2014-12-30 Michael Albinus <>
* automated/tramp-tests.el (tramp--test-smb-or-windows-nt-p):
New defun.
(tramp-test30-special-characters): Use it. (Bug#19463)
(tramp--test-check-files): Filter nil file names out.
2014-12-29 Michael Albinus <>
Sync with Tramp 2.2.11.
......@@ -1481,6 +1481,14 @@ This tests also `make-symbolic-link', `file-truename' and `add-name-to-file'."
(ignore-errors (delete-directory tmp-name1 'recursive)))))
(defun tramp--test-smb-or-windows-nt-p ()
"Check, whether the locale or remote host runs MS Windows.
This requires restrictions of file name syntax."
(or (eq system-type 'windows-nt)
(eq (tramp-find-foreign-file-name-handler
(defun tramp--test-check-files (&rest files)
"Runs a simple but comprehensive test over every file in FILES."
(let ((tmp-name1 (tramp--test-make-temp-name))
......@@ -1489,7 +1497,7 @@ This tests also `make-symbolic-link', `file-truename' and `add-name-to-file'."
(make-directory tmp-name1)
(make-directory tmp-name2)
(dolist (elt files)
(dolist (elt (delq nil files))
(let ((file1 (expand-file-name elt tmp-name1))
(file2 (expand-file-name elt tmp-name2)))
(write-region elt nil file1)
......@@ -1545,26 +1553,23 @@ This tests also `make-symbolic-link', `file-truename' and `add-name-to-file'."
(tramp-find-foreign-file-name-handler tramp-test-temporary-file-directory)
;; Bug#19463.
(skip-unless (not (eq system-type 'windows-nt)))
;; Newlines, slashes and backslashes in file names are not supported.
;; So we don't test.
" foo\tbar baz\t"
(if (tramp--test-smb-or-windows-nt-p) "foo bar baz" " foo\tbar baz\t")
(unless (tramp--test-smb-or-windows-nt-p) "?foo?bar?baz?")
(unless (tramp--test-smb-or-windows-nt-p) "*foo*bar*baz*")
(if (tramp--test-smb-or-windows-nt-p) "'foo'bar'baz'" "'foo\"bar'baz\"")
(if (tramp--test-smb-or-windows-nt-p) "!foo!bar!baz!" "!foo|bar!baz|")
(if (tramp--test-smb-or-windows-nt-p) ";foo;bar;baz;" ":foo;bar:baz;")
(unless (tramp--test-smb-or-windows-nt-p) "<foo>bar<baz>")
......@@ -1744,7 +1749,7 @@ Since it unloads Tramp, it shall be the last test to run."
;; doesn't work well when an interactive password must be provided.
;; * Fix `tramp-test27-start-file-process' for `nc' and on MS
;; Windows (`process-send-eof'?).
;; * Fix `tramp-test30-special-characters' for `adb', `nc' and `smb'.
;; * Fix `tramp-test30-special-characters' for `adb' and `nc'.
;; * Fix `tramp-test31-utf8' for `nc'/`telnet' (when target is a dumb
;; busybox). Seems to be in `directory-files'.
;; * Fix Bug#16928. Set expected error of `tramp-test32-asynchronous-requests'.
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