Commit d26859eb authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer
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(Ffile_accessible_directory_p): Put back the gcpro.

parent 76425a49
......@@ -2383,6 +2383,7 @@ searchable directory.")
Lisp_Object handler;
int tem;
struct gcpro gcpro1;
/* If the file name has special constructs in it,
call the corresponding file handler. */
......@@ -2390,10 +2391,16 @@ searchable directory.")
if (!NILP (handler))
return call2 (handler, Qfile_accessible_directory_p, filename);
/* Need to gcpro in case the first function call has a handler that
causes filename to be relocated. */
/* It's an unlikely combination, but yes we really do need to gcpro:
Suppose that file-accessible-directory-p has no handler, but
file-directory-p does have a handler; this handler causes a GC which
relocates the string in `filename'; and finally file-directory-p
returns non-nil. Then we would end up passing a garbaged string
to file-executable-p. */
GCPRO1 (filename);
tem = (NILP (Ffile_directory_p (filename))
|| NILP (Ffile_executable_p (filename)));
return tem ? Qnil : Qt;
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