Commit d27a3d16 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(ispell-command-loop): Change `i' description not to assume it

pertains to an affix.
parent 3c8404e6
......@@ -1798,8 +1798,7 @@ Global `ispell-quit' set to start location to continue spell session."
(setq line (1+ line))))
(insert (car guess) " ")
(setq guess (cdr guess)))
(insert "\nUse option `i' if this is a correct composition"
" from the derivative root.\n")
(insert "\nUse option `i' to accept this spelling and put it in your private dictionary.")
(setq line (+ line (if choices 3 2)))))
(while (and choices
(< (if (> (+ 7 (current-column) (length (car choices))
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