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* NEWS: Mention new version of todo-mode.el and obsoleting and

renaming of old version.
parent f3e2cbde
2013-06-27 Stephen Berman <>
* NEWS: Mention new version of todo-mode.el and obsoleting and
renaming of old version.
2013-06-27 Juanma Barranquero <>
* NEWS: Mention policy change with respect to locallisppath dirs.
......@@ -167,9 +167,6 @@ for new options related to this function.
** More packages look for ~/.emacs.d/<foo> additionally to ~/.<foo>.
Affected files:
~/.emacs.d/timelog replaces ~/.timelog
~/.emacs.d/todo-do replaces ~/.todo-do
~/.emacs.d/todo-done replaces ~/.todo-done
~/.emacs.d/todo-top replaces ~/.todo-top
~/.emacs.d/vip replaces ~/.vip
~/.emacs.d/viper replaces ~/.viper
~/.emacs.d/ido.last replaces ~/.ido.last
......@@ -183,6 +180,11 @@ Affected files:
~/.emacs.d/strokes replaces ~/.strokes
~/.emacs.d/notes replaces ~/.notes
~/.emacs.d/type-break replaces ~/.type-break
Also the following files used by the now obsolete otodo-mode.el:
~/.emacs.d/todo-do replaces ~/.todo-do
~/.emacs.d/todo-done replaces ~/.todo-done
~/.emacs.d/todo-top replaces ~/.todo-top
** Delphi mode is now called OPascal mode.
*** All delphi-* variables and functions have been renamed to opascal-*.
......@@ -352,6 +354,25 @@ space, no spaces, or reverting to the original spacing. Like
`just-one-space' command it can handle or ignore newlines and
leave different number of spaces.
** Todo mode has been rewritten and enhanced.
New features include:
- support for multiple todo files and archive files of done items;
- renaming, reordering, moving, merging, and deleting categories;
- sortable tabular summaries of categories and the types of items they contain;
- cross-categorial lists of items filtered by specific criteria;
- more fine-grained interaction with the Emacs diary, by being able to decide
for each todo item whether it appears in the Fancy Diary display;
- highly flexible new item insertion and item editing;
- moving items between categories, storing done items in their category or in
archive files, undoing or unarchiving done items;
- reprioritizing items by inputting a numerical priority;
- extensive customizability of operation and display, including numerous faces.
To support some of these features, a new file format is used, which is
incompatible with the old format; however, you can convert old todo and done
item files to the new format on initializing the first new todo file, or at any
later time with the provided conversion command. The old version of
todo-mode.el has been made obsolete and renamed otodo-mode.el.
** Tramp
......@@ -397,6 +418,8 @@ module.
*** terminal.el is obsolete; use term.el instead.
*** The previous version of todo-mode.el is obsolete and renamed otodo-mode.el.
*** xesam.el.
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