Commit d2a49350 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(comint-send-input): Use insert-before-markers for all the insertions.

parent 517697d9
......@@ -1166,11 +1166,11 @@ Similarly for Soar, Scheme, etc."
(comint-replace-by-expanded-history t)
(let ((copy (buffer-substring pmark (point))))
(delete-region pmark (point))
(insert input)
(insert-before-markers input)
(if comint-process-echoes
(delete-region pmark (point))
(insert ?\n))
(insert-before-markers ?\n))
(if (and (funcall comint-input-filter history)
(or (null comint-input-ignoredups)
(not (ring-p comint-input-ring))
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