Commit d2ab11c5 authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm
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(describe-function-1): Report remapped commands.

parent 290bfb66
......@@ -207,12 +207,20 @@ and the file name is displayed in the echo area."
(princ ".")
(when (commandp function)
(let ((keys (where-is-internal
function overriding-local-map nil nil)))
(let* ((binding (and (symbolp function) (commandp function)
(key-binding function nil t)))
(remapped (and (symbolp binding) (commandp binding) binding))
(keys (where-is-internal
(or remapped function) overriding-local-map nil nil)))
(when remapped
(princ "It is remapped to `")
(princ (symbol-name remapped))
(princ "'"))
(when keys
(princ "It is bound to ")
(princ (if remapped " which is bound to " "It is bound to "))
;; FIXME: This list can be very long (f.ex. for self-insert-command).
(princ (mapconcat 'key-description keys ", "))
(princ (mapconcat 'key-description keys ", ")))
(when (or remapped keys)
(princ ".")
;; Handle symbols aliased to other symbols.
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