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2000-03-21 Stefan Monnier <>
* log-view.el (log-view-(msg|file)-(prev|next)): Rename from
log-view-*-(message|file) and use easy-mmode-define-navigation.
(log-view-message-re): Match SCCS format as well.
And match the revision line rather than the dashed separator line.
(log-view-mode): Use the new define-derived-mode.
(log-view-current-tag): Fill in with an actual implementation.
* cvs-status.el (cvs-status-(prev|next)): Rename from
cvs-status-(prev|next)-entry and use easy-mmode-define-navigation.
(cvs-tree-dstr-*): Rename from cvstree-dstr-* and use two ascii chars
to let the output "breathe" a little more (more readable).
(cvs-status-mode): Use the new define-derived-mode.
* smerge-mode.el (smerge-auto-leave): New function and variable.
(smerge-basic-map): Rename from smerge-basic-keymap.
Change the bindings for smerge-diff-*.
(smerge-*-map): Use easy-mmode-defmap.
(smerge-(next|prev)): Use easy-mmode-define-navigation.
(smerge-keep-*): Use smerge-auto-leave.
2000-03-21 Jason Rumney <>
* cus-edit.el (custom-button-face): Use 3D look for w32.
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