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Minor updates for IDLWAVE 6.1.

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2007-04-27 J.D. Smith <>
* idlwave.texi: Minor updates for IDLWAVE 6.1.
2007-04-24 Chong Yidong <>
* programs.texi (Program Modes):
......@@ -9,16 +9,13 @@
@synindex ky cp
@syncodeindex vr cp
@syncodeindex fn cp
@set VERSION 6.0
@set EDITION 6.0
@set DATE Feb, 2006
@set VERSION 6.1
@set EDITION 6.1
@set DATE April, 2007
@set AUTHOR J.D. Smith & Carsten Dominik
@set MAINTAINER J.D. Smith
@c %**end of header
......@@ -320,6 +317,9 @@ appendix.
@tab Re-indent all lines in the current statement.
@item @kbd{M-@key{RET}}
@tab Start a continuation line, splitting the current line at point.
@item @kbd{M-;}
@tab Start new comment at line beginning or after code, or (un)comment
highlighted region.
@item @kbd{M-q}
@tab Fill the current comment paragraph.
@item @kbd{C-c ?}
......@@ -354,6 +354,8 @@ at point.
@tab Complete a procedure name, function name or keyword in the shell buffer.
@item @kbd{C-c C-d C-c}
@tab Save and compile the source file in the current buffer.
@item @kbd{C-c C-d C-e}
@tab Compile and run the current region.
@item @kbd{C-c C-d C-x}
@tab Go to next syntax error.
@item @kbd{C-c C-d C-v}
......@@ -2954,6 +2956,13 @@ prefix argument: @kbd{C-u C-c C-d C-y}. If no default command line has
been set (or you give two prefix arguments), the last command on the
@code{comint} input history is sent.
@kindex C-c C-d C-e
@cindex Compiling regions
For quickly compiling and running the currently marked region as a main
level program @kbd{C-c C-d C-e} (@code{idlwave-shell-run-region}) is
very useful. A temporary file is created holding the contents of the
current region (with @code{END} appended), and run from the shell.
@node Walking the Calling Stack, Electric Debug Mode, Compiling Programs, Debugging IDL Programs
@subsection Walking the Calling Stack
@cindex Calling stack, walking
......@@ -3439,7 +3448,7 @@ routines on a system, IDLWAVE collects data from many sources:
It has a @emph{builtin list} with information about the routines IDL
ships with. IDLWAVE @value{VERSION} is distributed with a list of
@value{NSYSROUTINES} routines, reflecting IDL version
@value{NSYSROUTINES} routines and object methods, reflecting IDL version
@value{IDLVERSION}. As of IDL v6.2, the routine info is distributed
directly with IDL in the form of an XML catalog which IDLWAVE scans.
Formerly, this list was created by scanning the IDL manuals to produce
......@@ -4062,7 +4071,7 @@ talking to the IDL program.
Here is an example of the additional configuration needed for a Windows
system. I am assuming that IDLWAVE has been installed in
@w{@samp{C:\Program Files\IDLWAVE}} and that IDL is installed in
;; location of the lisp files (only needed if IDLWAVE is not part of
......@@ -4072,10 +4081,10 @@ system. I am assuming that IDLWAVE has been installed in
;; The location of the IDL library directories, both standard, and your own.
;; note that the initial "+" expands the path recursively
(setq idlwave-library-path
'("+c:/RSI/IDL55/lib/" "+c:/path/to/my/idllibs" ))
'("+c:/RSI/IDL63/lib/" "+c:/path/to/my/idllibs" ))
;; location of the IDL system directory (try "print,!DIR")
(setq idlwave-system-directory "c:/RSI/IDL62/")
(setq idlwave-system-directory "c:/RSI/IDL63/")
@end lisp
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