Commit d32af6dd authored by Dave Love's avatar Dave Love
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Fix last change.

parent c5785b73
......@@ -60,14 +60,14 @@ PREFIX is the prefix argument (if any) to pass to the command."
(if filter (funcall filter (symbol-function map)) map)))))
(unless position
(let ((mp (mouse-position)))
(let ((mp (mouse-pixel-position)))
(setq position (list (list (cadr mp) (cddr mp)) (car mp)))))
;; The looping behavior was taken from lmenu's popup-menu-popup
(while (and map (setq event
;; map could be a prefix key, in which case
;; we need to get its function cell
;; definition.
(x-popup-menu (or position (mouse-position)) (indirect-function map))))
(x-popup-menu position (indirect-function map))))
;; Strangely x-popup-menu returns a list.
;; mouse-major-mode-menu was using a weird:
;; (key-binding (apply 'vector (append '(menu-bar) menu-prefix events)))
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