Commit d36b182f authored by Dave Love's avatar Dave Love


parent 2794f7ab
......@@ -1393,7 +1393,13 @@ allocate_string_data (s, nchars, nbytes)
/* Prevent mmap'ing the chunk. Lisp data may not be mmap'ed
because mapped region contents are not preserved in
a dumped Emacs. */
a dumped Emacs.
In case you think of allowing it in a dumped Emacs at the
cost of not being able to re-dump, there's another reason:
mmap'ed data typically have an address towards the top of the
address space, which won't fit into an EMACS_INT (at least on
32-bit systems with the current tagging scheme). --fx */
mallopt (M_MMAP_MAX, 0);
......@@ -420,10 +420,11 @@ The value is never nil. */)
XSETBUFFER (buf, b);
Vbuffer_alist = nconc2 (Vbuffer_alist, Fcons (Fcons (name, buf), Qnil));
/* Fixme: Protect against errors, which would trigger infinite
regress? */
/* An error in calling the function here (should someone redfine it)
can lead to infinite regress until you run out of stack. rms
says that's not worth protecting against. */
if (!NILP (Ffboundp (Qucs_set_table_for_input)))
/* buff is on buffer-alist, so no gcpro */
/* buf is on buffer-alist, so no gcpro. */
call1 (Qucs_set_table_for_input, buf);
return buf;
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