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Further doc fix for save-window-excursion.

parent 2cc775f9
......@@ -3027,11 +3027,11 @@ the buffer list."
(defmacro save-window-excursion (&rest body)
"Execute BODY, then restore previous window configuration.
Return the value of the last form in BODY.
Restore which buffer appears in which window, where display
starts, and the value of point and mark for each window, as well
as the choice of selected window, and which buffer is current.
The value of point in the current buffer is not restored.
This macro saves the window configuration on the selected frame,
executes BODY, then calls `set-window-configuration' to restore
the saved window configuration. The return value is the last
form in BODY. The window configuration is also restored if BODY
exits nonlocally.
BEWARE: Most uses of this macro introduce bugs.
E.g. it should not be used to try and prevent some code from opening
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