Commit d3ac3534 authored by Andrea Corallo's avatar Andrea Corallo

Revert "* src/comp.c (Fcomp__register_subr): Remove code duplication using Fdefalias."

This reverts commit 6c7f615a.
parent 0ce4bf3e
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......@@ -4787,7 +4787,17 @@ DEFUN ("comp--register-subr", Fcomp__register_subr, Scomp__register_subr,
Lisp_Object tem =
make_subr (SYMBOL_NAME (name), minarg, maxarg, c_name, doc_idx, intspec,
Fdefalias (name, tem, Qnil);
LOADHIST_ATTACH (Fcons (Qdefun, name));
{ /* Handle automatic advice activation (bug#42038).
See `defalias'. */
Lisp_Object hook = Fget (name, Qdefalias_fset_function);
if (!NILP (hook))
call2 (hook, name, tem);
Ffset (name, tem);
return tem;
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