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*** empty log message ***

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......@@ -710,6 +710,16 @@
* midnight.el (midnight-buffer-display-time): Doc fix.
(clean-buffer-list-kill-never-buffer-names): Add "*server*".
2006-10-23 Michael Kifer <>
* viper-cmd.el (viper-prefix-arg-com): Define gg as G0.
* viper-ex.el (ex-read): Quote file argument.
* ediff-diff.el (ediff-same-file-contents): Expand file names.
* ediff-mult.el (ediff-append-custom-diff): Quote shell file arguments.
2006-10-22 Martin Rudalics <>
* textmodes/flyspell.el (flyspell-check-region-doublons):
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