Commit d3e458b0 authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer
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(mouse-major-mode-menu-1): No need to copy the top

levels of structure.
parent 1f0c496b
......@@ -99,24 +99,7 @@
(setq submap (car tail))))
(setq tail (cdr tail)))
(if (eq submap t)
;; We have more than one submap, so we want to
;; return a keymap just like menubar.
;; But first copy the top level structure of the menu,
;; enough so that adding equiv-keys to this copy
;; won't alter menubar itself.
;; This is a kludge, and next version
;; we'll change the menu bar code not to mind
;; if there are X equiv keys there.
(let ((newmap (copy-sequence menubar)))
(setq menubar newmap)
(while newmap
(if (consp (car newmap))
(setcar newmap (cons (car (car newmap))
(cons (nth 1 (car newmap))
(nthcdr 2 (car newmap))))))
(setq newmap (cdr newmap)))
(setq mouse-major-mode-menu-prefix nil)
(setq mouse-major-mode-menu-prefix (list (car submap)))
(cdr (cdr submap))))))
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