Commit d4170869 authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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* lisp/subr.el (sit-for): Remove universal-arg dependency.

parent d2ff520a
......@@ -2181,12 +2181,16 @@ floating point support."
(let ((read (read-event nil t seconds)))
(or (null read)
;; If last command was a prefix arg, e.g. C-u, push this event onto
;; unread-command-events as (t . EVENT) so it will be added to
;; this-command-keys by read-key-sequence.
(if (eq overriding-terminal-local-map universal-argument-map)
(setq read (cons t read)))
(push read unread-command-events)
;; We want `read' appear in the next command's this-command-event
;; but not in the current one.
;; By pushing (cons t read), we indicate that `read' has not
;; yet been recorded in this-command-keys, so it will be recorded
;; next time it's read.
;; And indeed the `seconds' argument to read-event correctly
;; prevented recording this event in the current command's
;; this-command-keys.
(push (cons t read) unread-command-events)
;; Behind display-popup-menus-p test.
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