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2009-03-12 David Reitter <>
2009-03-12 David Reitter <>
* termhooks.h [HAVE_NS]: define NS_NONKEY_EVENT to be used for
* termhooks.h [HAVE_NS]: Define NS_NONKEY_EVENT to be used for
non-key system events on NS. Formerly, NON_ASCII_KEYSTROKE_EVENT
were used for such events.
* nsterm.m (newFrame, openFile, fulfillService, changeFont,
toggleToolbar, performDragOperation, runHelp): use it.
* nsterm.m (newFrame, openFile, fulfillService, changeFont)
(toggleToolbar, performDragOperation, runHelp): Use it.
* keyboard.c (parse_menu_item) [HAVE_NS]: treat new event like
* keyboard.c (parse_menu_item) [HAVE_NS]: Treat new event like
NON_ASCII_KEYSTROKE_EVENT, but set used_mouse_menu.
2009-03-11 Kenichi Handa <>
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