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Replace section that says about buffer names available via M-n with a section

that says the completion table is added after the list of defaults.
parent 23d2b215
......@@ -274,12 +274,12 @@ just as M-w would do so with the text it copies to the kill ring.
any more when used in a minibuffer or a dedicated window. Instead, they
fallback on using pop-to-buffer which will use some other window.
*** Many commands that read a buffer name now provide a list of all buffers
sorted by recency in the list of minibuffer default values available
via M-n or down-arrow. It is also possible to search this buffer list
in the minibuffer using incremental search commands C-s and C-M-s
(for instance, `C-x b C-s substr RET RET' to select a buffer by part
of the buffer name).
*** When M-n in the minibuffer reaches the end of the list of defaults,
it adds the completion list to the end, so next M-n continues putting
completion items to the minibuffer. The same principle applies to
incremental search commands as well: C-s or C-M-s starts searching
the default values and after the end of defaults they continue
searching minibuffer completion items.
*** In C-x d, if you type M-n you get the visited file name of the
current buffer.
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