Commit d4824a5d authored by Dave Love's avatar Dave Love

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parent 0192762c
2001-11-29 Dave Love <>
* progmodes/fortran.el: Fontify rewind, backspace. Doc fixes.
(fortran-window-create, fortran-window-create-momentarily):
Rewrite, moving error condition.
(fortran-beginning-do, fortran-beginning-if): Fix regexps.
(fortran-mode-syntax-table): Revert last change.
* international/mule.el: Doc fixes.
(map-charset-chars): New function.
(register-char-codings): Use it to cope with generic chars in
2001-11-29 Pavel Jan,Bm(Bk <>
* play/blackbox.el (blackbox-mode, blackbox): Doc fix.
2001-11-29 Dave Love <>
* coding.c (syms_of_coding) <Qchar_coding_system>: Give it an
extra extra slot.
(detect_coding_mask): Fix call of detect_coding_iso2022.
2001-11-29 Pavel Jan,Bm(Bk <>
* fileio.c (file-name-coding-system)
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