Commit d4850d67 authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa

(decode_coding_object): Use safe_call1 instead of call1.

(encode_coding_object): Use safe_call instead of call2.
parent e8d0ae6b
......@@ -6812,8 +6812,8 @@ decode_coding_object (coding, src_object, from, from_byte, to, to_byte,
TEMP_SET_PT_BOTH (coding->dst_pos, coding->dst_pos_byte);
GCPRO2 (coding->src_object, coding->dst_object);
val = call1 (CODING_ATTR_POST_READ (attrs),
make_number (coding->produced_char));
val = safe_call1 (CODING_ATTR_POST_READ (attrs),
make_number (coding->produced_char));
coding->produced_char += Z - prev_Z;
......@@ -6911,8 +6911,14 @@ encode_coding_object (coding, src_object, from, from_byte, to, to_byte,
set_buffer_internal (XBUFFER (coding->src_object));
call2 (CODING_ATTR_PRE_WRITE (attrs),
make_number (BEG), make_number (Z));
Lisp_Object args[3];
args[0] = CODING_ATTR_PRE_WRITE (attrs);
args[1] = make_number (BEG);
args[2] = make_number (Z);
safe_call (3, args);
coding->src_object = Fcurrent_buffer ();
if (BEG != GPT)
move_gap_both (BEG, BEG_BYTE);
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