Commit d492b584 authored by Pavel Janík's avatar Pavel Janík
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(scan_newline): Remove unused variable `selective_display'.

parent 7b611de0
2001-10-25 Pavel Jan,Bm(Bk <>
* search.c (scan_newline): Remove unused variable
2001-10-25 Miles Bader <>
* dispextern.h (struct image): Add `background',
......@@ -752,11 +752,6 @@ scan_newline (start, start_byte, limit, limit_byte, count, allow_quit)
int old_immediate_quit = immediate_quit;
/* If we are not in selective display mode,
check only for newlines. */
int selective_display = (!NILP (current_buffer->selective_display)
&& !INTEGERP (current_buffer->selective_display));
/* The code that follows is like scan_buffer
but checks for either newline or carriage return. */
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