Commit d4aaac0f authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii

xdisp.c (try_scrolling): Fix last change.

parent ad5a12b5
......@@ -13436,14 +13436,17 @@ try_scrolling (window, just_this_one_p, scroll_conservatively,
the user limited scrolling by a small number of lines, but
always finds PT if scroll_conservatively is set to a large
number, such as most-positive-fixnum. */
int slack = min (scroll_max, 10 * FRAME_LINE_HEIGHT (f));
int slack = max (scroll_max, 10 * FRAME_LINE_HEIGHT (f));
int y_to_move =
slack >= INT_MAX - it.last_visible_y
: it.last_visible_y + slack;
/* Compute the distance from the scroll margin to PT or to
the scroll limit, whichever comes first. This should
include the height of the cursor line, to make that line
fully visible. */
move_it_to (&it, PT, -1,
it.last_visible_y + slack,
move_it_to (&it, PT, -1, y_to_move,
dy = line_bottom_y (&it) - y0;
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