Commit d4aff7cc authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann
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(some-window): New function.

(walk-windows): Remove reference to walk-windows-start.

(walk-windows): Guarantee termination by keeping a list
of all the windows already handled.
parent 6d4dd885
......@@ -71,13 +71,50 @@ Anything else means restrict to the selected frame."
(if (framep all-frames)
(select-window (frame-first-window all-frames)))
(let* ((walk-windows-start (selected-window))
(walk-windows-current walk-windows-start))
(let* (walk-windows-already-seen
(walk-windows-current (selected-window)))
(while (progn
(setq walk-windows-current
(next-window walk-windows-current minibuf all-frames))
(funcall proc walk-windows-current)
(not (eq walk-windows-current walk-windows-start)))))))
(not (memq walk-windows-current walk-windows-already-seen)))
(setq walk-windows-already-seen
(cons walk-windows-current walk-windows-already-seen))
(funcall proc walk-windows-current)))))
(defun some-window (predicate &optional minibuf all-frames default)
"Return a window satisfying PREDICATE.
This function cycles through all visible windows using `walk-windows',
calling PREDICATE on each one. PREDICATE is called with a window as
argument. The first window for which PREDICATE returns a non-nil
value is returned. If no window satisfies PREDICATE, DEFAULT is
Optional second arg MINIBUF t means count the minibuffer window even
if not active. MINIBUF nil or omitted means count the minibuffer iff
it is active. MINIBUF neither t nor nil means not to count the
minibuffer even if it is active.
Several frames may share a single minibuffer; if the minibuffer
counts, all windows on all frames that share that minibuffer count
too. Therefore, if you are using a separate minibuffer frame
and the minibuffer is active and MINIBUF says it counts,
`walk-windows' includes the windows in the frame from which you
entered the minibuffer, as well as the minibuffer window.
ALL-FRAMES is the optional third argument.
ALL-FRAMES nil or omitted means cycle within the frames as specified above.
ALL-FRAMES = `visible' means include windows on all visible frames.
ALL-FRAMES = 0 means include windows on all visible and iconified frames.
ALL-FRAMES = t means include windows on all frames including invisible frames.
If ALL-FRAMES is a frame, it means include windows on that frame.
Anything else means restrict to the selected frame."
(catch 'found
(walk-windows #'(lambda (window)
(when (funcall predicate window)
(throw 'found window)))
minibuf all-frames)
(defun minibuffer-window-active-p (window)
"Return t if WINDOW (a minibuffer window) is now active."
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