Commit d4d0c924 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(Thumbnails): Minor cleanup.

parent 5b9d5ffc
2006-04-03 Richard Stallman <>
* misc.texi (Thumbnails): Minor cleanup.
2006-04-02 Karl Berry <>
* sending.texi (Mail Sending): pxref to Top needs five args.
......@@ -2360,8 +2360,8 @@ find the one you select (@code{ffap-menu}).
@cindex thumbnails
Tumme is a facility for browsing image files. It provides viewing
of the original file, either as a thumbnail or in full size, inside
Emacs or in an external viewer.
the images either as thumbnails or in full size, either inside Emacs
or through an external viewer.
To enter Tumme, type @kbd{M-x tumme}. It prompts for a directory;
specify one that has images files. This creates thumbnails for all
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