Commit d504c23f authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa
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2006-10-16 Kenichi Handa <>
* composite.c (get_composition_id): Pay attention to TAB
* xterm.c (x_draw_composite_glyph_string_foreground): Don't draw
TAB. Adjusted for the change of s->char2b which always points to
the first elememnt of allocated memory.
* xftfont.c (xftfont_text_extents): Fix calculation of descent
* xdisp.c (handle_composition_prop): Set it->c to the first
non-TAB component.
(fill_composite_glyph_string): Argument changed.
(BUILD_COMPOSITE_GLYPH_STRING): Adjusted for the above change.
(x_produce_glyphs): Fix handling of left/right padding.
2006-10-04 Kenichi Handa <>
* regex.c (analyse_first): Cancel the change for synching with
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