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Improve documentation of 'isearch-regexp-function'

* lisp/isearch.el (isearch-regexp-function): Doc fix.
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......@@ -832,12 +832,20 @@ This is like `describe-bindings', but displays only Isearch keys."
'isearch-regexp-function "25.1")
(defvar isearch-regexp-function nil
"Regexp-based search mode for words/symbols.
If the value is a function (e.g. `isearch-symbol-regexp'), it is
called to convert a plain search string to a regexp used by
regexp search functions.
If non-nil, a function to convert a search string to a regexp
used by regexp search functions.
The function should accept 1 or 2 arguments: the original string
to convert, and a flag, whose non-nil value means the match
doesn't have to start or end on a word boundary. The function
should return the corresponding regexp, a string.
The symbol property `isearch-message-prefix' put on this function
specifies the prefix string displayed in the search message.
Existing functions you could use as values are `word-search-regexp',
`isearch-symbol-regexp', and `char-fold-to-regexp'.
This variable is set and changed during isearch. To change the
default behavior used for searches, see `search-default-mode'
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