Commit d576ef75 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(mpuz-congratulate): Don't say "1 errors".

parent 74e2a7b5
......@@ -416,8 +416,9 @@ You may abort a game by typing \\<mpuz-mode-map>\\[mpuz-offer-abort]."
(defun mpuz-congratulate ()
"Build a congratulation message when puzzle is solved."
(format "Puzzle solved with %d errors. %s"
(format "Puzzle solved with %d error%s. %s"
(if (= mpuz-nb-errors 1) "" "s")
(cond ((= mpuz-nb-errors 0) "That's perfect !")
((= mpuz-nb-errors 1) "That's very good !")
((= mpuz-nb-errors 2) "That's good.")
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