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Add some entries missing from 2002-11-16.

parent 09fe18d3
......@@ -8320,17 +8320,27 @@
indicating source of entry to add-to-diary-list.
(diary-button-face, diary-entry, diary-goto-entry): New, to
support click to diary file.
(fancy-diary-display): Buttonize diary entries.
(fancy-diary-display): Buttonize diary entries. Use new mode
(list-sexp-diary-entries): Pass a marker indicating source of
entry to add-to-diary-list.
(diary-date): Return mark as well as entry.
(add-to-diary-list): Add new marker argument, appended to
(diary-mode, fancy-diary-display-mode): New derived modes, for
diary file and fancy diary buffer respectively.
(fancy-diary-font-lock-keywords, diary-font-lock-keywords): New
(font-lock-diary-sexps, font-lock-diary-date-forms): New
functions, used in diary-font-lock-keywords.
* calendar/calendar.el (diary-face): New.
(european-calendar-display-form, describe-calendar-mode)
(mark-visible-calendar-date, calendar-mark-today): Tidy doc string.
(calendar-make-alist): New.
(calendar-mode): Set up font-lock mode.
(calendar-mode): Set up font-lock mode, using new variable
(generate-calendar-window): Fontify if font-lock-mode is on.
(calendar-font-lock-keywords): New variable.
2002-11-16 Ivan Zakharyaschev <> (tiny change)
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