Commit d58b6a31 authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa
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(generate-fontset-menu): Exclude the defualt fontset.

parent a92bf2cb
......@@ -427,14 +427,12 @@ with \"fontset\" in `<CHARSET_REGISTRY> field."
;; Return a list to be appended to `x-fixed-font-alist' when
;; `mouse-set-font' is called.
(defun generate-fontset-menu ()
(let ((fontsets (fontset-list))
(while fontsets
(setq fontset-name (car fontsets) fontsets (cdr fontsets))
(setq l (cons (list (fontset-plain-name fontset-name) fontset-name) l)))
(let (l)
(dolist (fontset (fontset-list))
(or (string-match "fontset-default$" fontset)
(push (list (fontset-plain-name fontset) fontset) l)))
(cons "Fontset"
(sort l (function (lambda (x y) (string< (car x) (car y))))))))
(sort l #'(lambda (x y) (string< (car x) (car y)))))))
(defun fontset-plain-name (fontset)
"Return a plain and descriptive name of FONTSET."
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