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Tumme documentation.

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2006-02-09 Mathias Dahl <>
* dired.texi (Tumme): Basic documentation for Tumme added.
2006-02-08 Romain Francoise <>
* faq.texi (Top): Remove paragraph about the FAQ being a
......@@ -40,6 +40,8 @@ files.
* Updating: Dired Updating. Discarding lines for files of no interest.
* Find: Dired and Find. Using `find' to choose the files for Dired.
* Wdired:: Operating on files by editing the Dired buffer.
* Tumme:: Image file and thumbnail viewing and
manipulation from the Dired buffer.
* Misc: Misc Dired Features. Various other features.
@end menu
......@@ -1140,6 +1142,52 @@ you can change @samp{-rw-r--r--} to @samp{-rw-rw-rw-} to make a file
world-writable. These changes also take effect when you type @kbd{C-c
@node Tumme
@section Thumbnail and image file viewing and manipulation
@cindex tumme mode
Tumme provides for simple viewing of thumbnails if image files. It
also provides viewing of the original file, sized or in full size,
inside Emacs or in an external viewer.
Tumme aims to be both easy to use for a beginner but also powerful
and useful for an experienced user.
To try out Tumme, mark some image files in Dired and type @kbd{C-t
d} (@code{tumme-display-thumbs}). With point in the thumbnail buffer,
type @kbd{RET} (@code{tumme-display-thumbnail-original-image}) to
display a sized version of it. Use the keys to move around in the
buffer. For easy browing, type @kbd{SPC}
(@code{tumme-display-next-thumbnail-original}) to advance and display
the next image. Typing @kbd{SPC}
(@code{tumme-display-previous-thumbnail-original}) backs up to the
previous thumbnail and displays the image.
If you want to see the image in its original size, either provide a
prefix argument (@kbd{C-u}) before pressing @kbd{RET}, or type
@kbd{C-return} (@code{tumme-thumbnail-display-external}) to display
the image in an external viewer.
If you find in image that you want to delete, type @kbd{d}
(@code{tumme-flag-thumb-original-file}) and the file will be flagged
for deletion in the dired buffer. If you just want to delete the
thumbnail image from the thumbnail buffer, type @kbd{C-d}
More advanced features include commands for using ``tags'' (labels,
or categories) to tag image files and to search for image files with a
certain tag.
The tags put on image files are stored in a database file and can be
used for marking image files. For example, you can let Tumme mark all
files in the current directory tagged with the tag `flowers'. To tag
image files, mark them in the dired buffer and type @kbd{C-t t}
(@code{tumme-tag-files}). To mark files having a certain tag, type
@kbd{C-t f} (@code{tumme-mark-tagged-files}).
Tumme also provide simple image manipulation commands, like rotating
thumbnails and original image files.
@node Misc Dired Features
@section Other Dired Features
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