Commit d59607b6 authored by Nicolás Bértolo's avatar Nicolás Bértolo Committed by Andrea Corallo

* Windows: Use NUMBER_OF_PROCESSORS environment variable.

* lisp/emacs-lisp/comp.el (comp-effective-async-max-jobs): Use
NUMBER_OF_PROCESSORS environment variable if system is Windows NT,
"nproc" if it is in PATH or a default of 1.
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......@@ -2302,9 +2302,14 @@ processes from `comp-async-compilations'"
(if (zerop comp-async-jobs-number)
(or comp-num-cpus
(setf comp-num-cpus
;; Half of the CPUs or at least one.
;; FIXME portable?
(max 1 (/ (string-to-number (shell-command-to-string "nproc"))
;; FIXME: we already have a function to determine
;; the number of processors, see get_native_system_info in w32.c.
;; The result needs to be exported to Lisp.
(max 1 (/ (cond ((eq 'windows-nt system-type)
(string-to-number (getenv "NUMBER_OF_PROCESSORS")))
((executable-find "nproc")
(string-to-number (shell-command-to-string "nproc")))
(t 1))
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