Commit d59e75c8 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii
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Commit of auto-generated files.

parent 665ae865
......@@ -3038,7 +3038,7 @@ Optional argument NOESCAPE is passed to `prin1-to-string' when appropriate."
;;; Start of automatically extracted autoloads.
;;;### (autoloads (customize-object) "eieio-custom" "eieio-custom.el"
;;;;;; "cf1bd64c76a6e6406545e8c5a5530d43")
;;;;;; "9cf80224540c52045d515a4c2c833543")
;;; Generated autoloads from eieio-custom.el
(autoload 'customize-object "eieio-custom" "\
......@@ -3051,7 +3051,7 @@ Optional argument GROUP is the sub-group of slots to display.
;;;### (autoloads (eieio-help-mode-augmentation-maybee eieio-describe-generic
;;;;;; eieio-describe-constructor eieio-describe-class eieio-browse)
;;;;;; "eieio-opt" "eieio-opt.el" "4fb6625c3a007438aab4e8e77b6c73c2")
;;;;;; "eieio-opt" "eieio-opt.el" "e2814881441ad23759409687502f0ee1")
;;; Generated autoloads from eieio-opt.el
(autoload 'eieio-browse "eieio-opt" "\
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