Commit d5ab63b2 authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann
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(batch-update-authors): New function.

(authors-fixed-entries): New defconst.
(authors-add-fixed-entries): New function.
(authors): Call it.: Don't process lispref/.
parent fbb43902
......@@ -81,7 +81,17 @@ file individually.")
("Sam Shteingold" . "Sam Steingold")
("W{\L}Odek Bzyl" . "Wlodzimierz Bzyl")
("Kenneth Manheimer" . "Ken Manheimer")
("Kenichi HANDA" . "Kenichi Handa"))
("Kenichi HANDA" . "Kenichi Handa")
("Jay Adams" . "Jay R. Adams")
("Joe Arceneaux" . "Josef Arceneaux")
("K. Berry" . "Karl Berry")
("Michael Ernst" . "Michael D. Ernst")
("Dave Gillespie" . "David Gillespie")
("Shane Hartman" . "K. Shane Hartman")
("Francesco Potorti`" . "Francesco Potorti")
("Roland Roberts" . "Roland B. Roberts")
("David Smith" . "David M. Smith")
"Alist of author aliases.
Each entry is of the form (REGEXP . ALIAS). If an author's name
......@@ -98,6 +108,121 @@ Changes to files matching one of the regexps in this list are not
(defconst authors-fixed-entries
'(("Joe Arceneax" :wrote "xrdb.c")
("Blitz Product Development Corporation" :wrote "ispell.el")
("Frank Bresz" :wrote "diff.el")
("David M. Brown" :wrote "array.el")
("Gary Byers" :changed "xenix.h")
("Shawn M. Carey" :wrote "freebsd.h")
("Eric Decker" :changed "hp9000s800.h" "hpux.h" "sysdep.c")
("Lawrence R. Dodd" :wrote "dired-x.el")
("Viktor Dukhovni" :wrote "unexsunos4.c")
("Paul Eggert" :wrote "rcs2log" "vcdiff")
("Fred Fish" :changed "unexec.c")
("Tim Fleehart" :wrote "makefile.nt")
("Keith Gabryelski" :wrote "hexl.c")
("Kevin Gallagher" :wrote "flow-ctrl.el")
("Howard Gayle" :wrote "disp-table.el" "iso-syntax.el" "casetab.c")
("Stephen Gildea" :wrote "refcard.tex" "mh-funcs.el" "mh-pick.el")
("David Gillespie" :wrote "cl.texinfo")
("Hewlett-Packard" :changed "emacsclient.c" "emacsserver.c"
"server.el" "keyboard.c")
("Thomas Horsley" :wrote "cxux.h" "cxux7.h")
("Indiana University Foundation" :changed "buffer.c" "buffer.h"
"indent.c" "search.c" "xdisp.c" "region-cache.c" "region-cache.h")
("International Business Machines" :changed "emacs.c" "fileio.c"
"ibmrt.h" "process.c" "sysdep.c" "unexec.c" "ibmrt-aix.h")
("Ishikawa Chiaki" :changed "aviion.h" "dgux.h")
("Michael K. Johnson" :changed "" "emacs.c" "intel386.h"
"mem-limits.h" "process.c" "template.h" "sysdep.c" "syssignal.h" "systty.h" "unexec.c"
"ymakefile" "linux.h")
("Kyle E. Jones" :wrote "mldrag.el")
("Kenry Kautz" :wrote "bib-mode.el")
("Joseph M. Kelsey" :changed "fileio.c" "vms-pwd.h" "vmsfns.c" "dir.h"
("Sam Kendall" :changed "etags.c" "etags.el")
("Richard King" :wrote "backquote.el" "userlock.el" "filelock.c")
("Larry Kolodney" :wrote "cvtmail.c")
("Sebastian Kremer" :changed "add-log.el")
("Mark Lambert" :changed "process.c" "process.h")
("Aaron Larson" :changed "bibtex.el")
("James R. Larus" :wrote "mh-e.el")
("Lars Lindberg" :changed "dabbrev.el" :wrote "imenu.el")
("Lucid, Inc." :changed "bytecode.c" "byte-opt.el" "byte-run.el"
"bytecomp.el" "delsel.el" "disass.el" "faces.el" "font-lock.el"
"lmenu.el" "lselect.el" "mailabbrev.el" "select.el" "xfaces.c"
("MCC" :changed "etags.c" "emacsclient.c" "emacsserver.c" "movemail.c"
"rmail.el" "rmailedit.el" "rmailkwd.el"
"rmailmsc.el" "rmailout.el" "rmailsum.el" "scribe.el"
"server.el" "lisp.h" "sysdep.c" "unexec.c" :wrote "xmenu.c")
("Niall Mansfield" :changed "etags.c")
("Brian Marick" :wrote "hideif.el")
("Marko Kohtala" :changed "info.el")
("Sidney Markowitz" :changed "doctor.el")
("Richard Mlynarik" :wrote "env.c" "ehelp.el")
("Mosur Mohan" :changed "etags.c")
("Jeff Morgenthaler" :changed "flow-ctrl.el" "vt200.el" "vt201.el"
"vt220.el" "vt240.el")
("Motorola" :changed "buff-menu.el")
("Hiroshi Nakano" :changed "ralloc.c")
("Sundar Narasimhan" :changed "rnewspost.el")
("NeXT, Inc." :wrote "unexnext.c")
("Mark Neale" :changed "fortran.el")
("Martin Neitzel" :changed "sc.el")
("Andrew Oram" :changed "miscellaneous changes to files in man/"
("Frederic Pierresteguy" :wrote "widget.c")
("Michael D. Prange" :changed "tex-mode.el")
("Paul Reilly" :wrote "gux5-4r2.h" "dgux5-4r3.h")
("Roland B Roberts" :changed "files.el" "sort.el" "vmsproc.el"
"buffer.h" "callproc.c" "dired.c" "process.c" "sysdep.c" "systty.h"
"vmspaths.h" "" "" "" ""
:wrote "" "")
("Guillermo J. Rozas" :wrote "fakemail.c")
("Wolfgang Rupprecht" :changed "lisp-mode.el" "loadup.el"
"sort.el" "alloc.c" "callint.c"
"" "crt0.c" "data.c" "fns.c"
"lisp.h" "lread.c" "sun3.h"
"print.c" "ymakefile" :wrote "float-sup.el" "floatfns.c")
("Schlumberger Technology Corporation" :changed "gud.el")
("Gregor Schmid" :wrote "tcl-mode.el")
("Rainer Schoepf" :wrote "alpha.h" "unexalpha.c")
("William Sommerfeld" :wrote "emacsclient.c" "emacsserver.c" "scribe.el")
("Leigh Stoller" :changed "emacsclient.c" "emacsserver.c" "server.el")
("Steve Strassman" :wrote "spook.el")
("Shinichirou Sugou" :changed "etags.c")
("Sun Microsystems, Inc" :changed "emacsclient.c" "emacsserver.c"
"server.el" :wrote "emacs.icon" "emacstool.1" "emacstool.c" "sun-curs.el"
"sun-fns.el" "sun-mouse.el" "sun.el" "sunfns.c")
("Kayvan Sylvan" :changed "sc.el")
("Spencer Thomas" :changed "emacsclient.c" "emacsserver.c" "server.el"
"dabbrev.el" "unexec.c" "tcp.c" "gnus.texi")
("Jonathan Vail" :changed "vc.el")
("James Van Artsdalen" :changed "usg5-4.h" "unexec.c")
("Geoff Voelker" :wrote "src/makefile.nt" "lisp/makefile.nt" "winnt.el"
"nt.c" "nt.h" "ntheap.c" "ntheap.h" "ntinevt.c"
"ntproc.c" "ntterm.c" "windowsnt.h")
("Morten Welinder" :wrote "dosfns.c" "[many MSDOS files]" "msdos.h")
("Pace Willisson" :wrote "ispell.el")
("Garrett Wollman" :changed "sendmail.el")
("Dale Worley" :changed "mail-extr.el")
("Jamie Zawinski" :changed "bytecode.c" :wrote "disass.el" "tar-mode.el"))
"Actions taken from the original, manually (un)maintained AUTHORS file.")
(defun authors-add-fixed-entries (table)
"Add actions from `authors-fixed-entries' to TABLE."
(dolist (entry authors-fixed-entries)
(let ((author (car entry))
(dolist (item (cdr entry))
(if (symbolp item)
(setq action item)
(authors-add author item action table))))))
(defun authors-obsolete-file-p (file)
"Return non-nil if FILE is obsolete.
FILE is considered obsolete if it matches on of the regular expressions
......@@ -274,10 +399,12 @@ buffer *Authors* containing authorship information."
(table (make-hash-table :test 'equal))
(buffer-name "*Authors*"))
(setq root (expand-file-name root))
(authors-add-fixed-entries table)
(unless (file-exists-p (expand-file-name "src/emacs.c" root))
(error "Not the root directory of Emacs: %s" root))
(dolist (log logs)
(when (string-match "ChangeLog\\(.[0-9]+\\)?$" log)
(when (and (string-match "ChangeLog\\(.[0-9]+\\)?$" log)
(not (string-match "/lispref/" log)))
(message "Scanning %s..." log)
(authors-scan-change-log log table)))
(let ((els (authors-process-lines "find" root "-name" "*.el")))
......@@ -290,7 +417,23 @@ buffer *Authors* containing authorship information."
(maphash #'authors-print table)
(sort-lines nil (point-min) (point-max))
(insert "\nLocal" " Variables:\ncoding: iso-2022-7bit\nEnd:\n")
(pop-to-buffer buffer-name)))
(unless noninteractive
(pop-to-buffer buffer-name))))
(defun batch-update-authors ()
"Produce an AUTHORS file.
Call this function in batch mode with two command line arguments FILE
and ROOT. FILE is the file to write, ROOT is the root directory of
the Emacs source tree, from which to build the file."
(unless noninteractive
(error "`batch-update-authors' is to be used only with -batch"))
(when (/= (length command-line-args-left) 2)
(error "Call `batch-update-authors' with the name of the file to write"))
(let* ((file (pop command-line-args-left))
(root (pop command-line-args-left)))
(authors root)
(write-file file)))
;; authors.el ends here
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